What must you encompass in your promotional gift idea plastic bag?

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First a foremost, you need the plastic bag. Some companies choose simply to acquire surprise plastic hand bags, but another approach is to truly use a plastic carrier bag or plastic bags that promotes your company as well. When choosing the bag, keep in mind that you should consider how they will be transported (if […]

Printed carrier bags ensure your logo and message travels far and wide

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Gifting your customers printed plastic bags will go a long way when it comes to your brand’s reputation. For maximum effect, our team of talented and experienced designers will help you bring your vision to life. And you should know, the plastic carrier bags you get with us are not your regular printed bags. With […]

Plastic Bags – How Is the Production Process?

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Packaging has been the need of human kind from early time for storing, transporting, preserve foods, goods, products…The earliest time, people made the packets from animal skins, large leaves, vegetables to keep their food clean and fresh. In the war time, iron, steel can was invented to keep food safe for soldiers. In daily life, […]

Creating customized or pre-designed plastic bags for customers.

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Plastic Bags Manufacturer in Johannesburg An amazing range of plastic bags is available in the market today. Research shows that a millions of plastic bags are churned out each year by hundreds of companies to meet our increasing demands. Plastic bags are indeed a very necessary part of our lives. Without realizing it, we have […]

Plastic Bags are very light which make handling of any things easier.

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Plastic Bags are very economical as they cost only a cent per piece. Plastic Bags are strong and durable in which they can hold even heavy and massive materials and Plastic Bags are multipurpose wherein you can do so much in one plastic. The Truth About Plastic Bags The truth is plastic bags: Whether it is […]

Zipper Plastic Bags – 10 Tips To Reduce Your Cost

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The price of zipper plastic bags has been increasing for over a year. Further, with the instability in the South Africa, there is no telling where the price of zipper plastic bags, also known as zip seal bags, will go as oil is a critical ingredient With this in mind here are 10 quick tips […]

Tips in Buying Reusable Plastic Bags From Manufacturers

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-Quality of the Plastic Bags The first thing you should do is look for reusable plastic bag manufacturers who are reputable for producing quality products. You may find many of these companies online. Once you find a reusable plastic bags manufacturer, make sure they can send you free samples of their reusable plastic bags. For […]

Plastic bags are a very popular commodity in many present industries.

Wholesale Plastic Bags in Johannesburg

Tips to Buy Wholesale Plastic Bags Plastic bags can be used for a variety of purposes. Due to this demand, companies are able to provide a wide range of plastic bags in various shapes, sizes and models as per the requirements of that particular industry. Even the smallest department stores have given up on the […]

Plastic Shopping Bag Printing on Plastic Bags

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Personalized shopping bags custom printed on biodegradable plastic polythene material. Printed plastic bags are great for branding and promoting business services. With a printed logo and message, the plastic bags will be a walking billboard for your brand. Ideal for exhibition events, retail and open days. Manufactured from biodegradable polythene material with punched out handles. […]

Why recycling plastic bags is best way to reduce the environmental side effect?

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Why recycling plastic bags is best way to reduce the environmental side effect? Ban could have negative effects for the South African economy and the plastics industry, which currently supports over 60 000 livelihoods. We at Consort Plastics believes that a better solution to plastic bags lies in recycling, rather than a ban. The country […]