1 million plastic bags are used in South Africa 2022

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Over one million plastic bags are used every minute in the SA 2022. This means that each person consumes 22 thousand bags over the course of their lifetime. Although recycling has grown over the past several decades, only 13% of plastic bags are recycled. This is because it costs almost ZAR 4,000 to process and […]

Check out benefits of printing brand logo on plastic bags listed below:

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Businesses these days are opting for new methodologies and techniques to market their products and services. Going for new and innovative marketing strategies can always help businesses to grow, increase revenue and reach more of potential consumers along with retaining the existing ones. Brands these days go for plastic bags with logo imprinted on them. […]

We can choose plastic bags as a solution for shopping conveniently

Plastic Bags Manufacturer in south Africa

We are now using many kinds of material in packaging shopping stuff such as paper, fabric, plastic, etc… But the main solution for packaging shopping stuff is plastic bags because of the following reasons: Plastic Bags and Shopping in South Africa Life style and growing population is the main reason of shopping is growing up […]

7 Interesting Ways to Reuse a Plastic Bag

We all go to the grocery keep and are practically drowned by the quantity of plastic bags that acquire in the kitchen. Rather than simply tossing them out, why no longer put them to use?! Below are 7 excellent methods to reuse the ones sever luggage that appear to accumulate. In the earth-pleasant society that […]