Plastic Bags are very light which make handling of any things easier.

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Plastic Bags are very economical as they cost only a cent per piece. Plastic Bags are strong and durable in which they can hold even heavy and massive materials and Plastic Bags are multipurpose wherein you can do so much in one plastic.

The Truth About Plastic Bags

The truth is plastic bags: Whether it is a shopping bag, grocery bag, trash bag, food bag, or whatever bag it is, they are all made of plastics. Grocery store baggers are very generous in using plastics. They place the fruits in one bag, drop the box of milk in another, and the shampoo in another. Ever wonder why?

The positive side of plastic bag

Grocery stores, shopping centers, dress boutiques, restaurants, and any other establishments would not care to be thrifty in using and giving out plastic bags because it costs no more than a cent. It is so economical.

Plastic bag are produced too cheaply and massively that they have gotten the side of at least 80% of store owners. In addition, they are very easy to carry and store, they are light but strong-really a business-catcher.

More to its advantage, according to The Film and Bag Federation, plastic bags consume 40% less energy, 80% less solid waste, produce 70% fewer atmospheric emissions and release up to 94% fewer waterborne wastes compared to paper grocery bags.

Surely, production of plastic bags gains massive increase and manufacturers cannot ask for more to its success. However, seems like the other side of the coin is gaining popularity too. More individuals are now getting concerned how the earth is becoming a victim of the plastic bag success story.

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