Plastic Shopping Bag Printing on Plastic Bags

plastic bags manufacturer in south africa

Personalized shopping bags custom printed on biodegradable plastic polythene material.

Printed plastic bags are great for branding and promoting business services. With a printed logo and message, the plastic bags will be a walking billboard for your brand. Ideal for exhibition events, retail and open days.

Manufactured from biodegradable polythene material with punched out handles. The film is lightweight, yet strong and water-resistant. Popular sizes include small 10″x12″x3″, medium 10″x16″x3″, large 15″x18″x3″ and larger 22″x18″x3″ bag sizes.

Plastic Shopping Bags Printing from Cheap as Prints

Plastic shopping bags is a universal product that is suitable for any retail businesses. It is practical and offers a great way to enhance branding on plastic bags. Your logo and promo messages will be seen by thousands of people at events or in your store. The shopping bags are also likely to be retained and re-used well after its intended purpose.

Our punch handle carrier bags are made from a strong variguage film. The thickness of this film gradually increases at the top allowing it take more weight for heavier items. The style and personalization of these plastic bags makes it very popular with retailers and event organizers.

South Africa’s Leading Supplier for Custom Printed Plastic Bags!

We have a wide range of plastic bags in many colors and styles to suit all budgets. You can choose to have your artwork printed to one or both sides in one or more colors. We use state of the art poly-tech printers to ensure excellent color depth and print quality.

Order your plastic shopping bags online! All our prices include FREE origination! Feel free to contact us for more information on the suitability of the bags for your campaign. You can email sales at or call 0118730560.

Our team are always eager to help!

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