We can choose plastic bags as a solution for shopping conveniently

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We are now using many kinds of material in packaging shopping stuff such as paper, fabric, plastic, etc… But the main solution for packaging shopping stuff is plastic bags because of the following reasons:

Plastic Bags and Shopping in South Africa

Life style and growing population is the main reason of shopping is growing up as fast as it is growing now.

The reason why we should not choose paper bags is that we cannot use too much paper. Paper is from trees, and cutting down trees to make paper is destroying environment. Furthermore, paper bags cannot keep heavy stuff, and it is very easy to be destroyed by water. We should only choose paper bags in case we need solid bags to pack light weight, dry and soft stuff. Furthermore, using paper bags is not an economical way because we rarely and almost cannot recycle paper bags.

The reason why we should not choose fabric bags is that fabric is too expensive to use in this purpose. Fabric is not stable in shape and size, so the fabric bag is not nice anymore when we put too much stuff in. Using fabric is also not good for the environment because fabric is not easy to be decomposed, and we cannot reuse and recycle them so many times. Moreover, like paper, fabric is easy to be damaged by water, and bad news is most shopping stuffs contain water.

For the above reasons, plastic bag is the most effective solution for packaging shopping stuff, and with other perfect uses, they are the best replacement option for other materials. They are made from by-products of oil refining, so using plastic does not harm the environment; besides, using them is a real economical way because they can be reused and recycled many times, also we can make biodegradable ones. Therefore, using plastic bags is saving our planet. Besides, plastic bags can be a solid and soft form, can be printed many colors, then it is more useful, fashionable than paper and fabric bags. Because of having features of sturdy, flexibility, insulation and easy to be processed, they now become popular which can be seen anywhere, anytime in any shape, size and form.

The last but not least important reason why we should use plastic bags for shopping purpose is that they are safe in packaging food. There are too many toxic chemicals being used in making paper bags, and these toxics harm people’s health. Besides, paper bags are not tight, bacteria and viruses can attack the food inside. It is the same with fabric bags. However, everything is totally opposite when using plastic bags for food packaging. Plastic bags are made from oil and every process in making plastic bags uses heat; therefore, there is not any toxic chemical being used in making them. Being made under heat, plastic bags are very tight, so viruses and bacteria cannot go through the bags to attack the food inside.

With all the reasons mentioned, we can surely choose plastic bags as a solution for going shopping conveniently, economically, for safely food packaging, and for saving our planet.

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